Exploring Arizona - Wilson Canyon Bridge Print

Exploring Arizona - Wilson Canyon Bridge Print

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Dimension: 14in x 11in

Standard Canvas: papers posses a fine print quality but are generally thinner and less archival than the premium stock. Many have higher levels of OBAs (Optical Brightening Agents) to make the paper whiter. This will eventually fade. With advances in paper technology, you can still expect the standard stock to last for decades if kept in good conditions.

Premium Canvas: papers are archival (meaning they will not deteriorate when kept in appropriate conditions) for quite some time, many for hundreds of years. Most are 100% cotton rag (think fine drawing/etching paper) and may or may not have a luster coating applied to the printable surface.

If you like my work and would like to help me grow, purchasing the prints is the best way to do so! :) Each one comes hand signed!

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